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Hey, my name is Josh. I'm a level designer with experience in Source and legacy versions of Unreal. I've been making levels for 5 years, below is some of my work.

Necropolis Header
Necropolis_Screen_1 Necropolis_Screen_2 Necropolis_Screen_3 Necropolis_Screen_4

This is a near 1-to-1 recreation of Necropolis from Overwatch. I blocked out the layout from eye, mostly using screenshots from Overwatch aswell as running around the actual map to gauge scale. It took around a month's worth of time to finish. I have source files up for anyone interested which can be found here.

Downloads for it can be found on Gamebanana and the Workshop

LumberyardDM Map Header
LumberyardDM_Screen_1 LumberyardDM_Screen_2 LumberyardDM_Screen_3 LumberyardDM_Screen_4

Player's fight over abandond sawblades and old wood in this Lumberyard FFA map. Designed for the Core: Arenas of Combat - Level Design Contest, it took about two weeks to blockout, playtest and fully artpass before the deadline.

Railway Header
HL2_Screen_1 HL2_Screen_2 HL2_Screen_3 HL2_Screen_4

This is a map I started working on after playing a few matches of Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. I wanted to make a map that wasen't another killbox and that stayed thematically consistant with Half-Life 2. The layout was desined with a smaller playercount in mind, specifically 3-5 players. Areas in the map are made to provide the player with mutiple options for routes, the player is never forced into a deadend.

Downloads for it can be found on Gamebanana.