Noah is lounging in his study, reading a facsinating article reguarding the health benifits that come of a raw meat diet, when suddenly he hears a crash and the soft patter of little footsteps from oustide his door. He opens it to investigate, finding that the monkey twins, Melvin and Bobo, have broken out of their cage and are now wreaking havoc across the whole ark. Noah can imagine it, countless amounts of animals being freed from their cages by this devious duo, countless amounts of mess that he will have to endure. With a sigh of resignation Noah returns to his study, reaching under his desk to retrieve his ever handy slingshot. Noah has a new goal in mind now, stop the monkey duo and save the ark from total chaos.



Four orginal levels consiting of epic Super Noah's Ark 3D action

Two awe inspiring secret levels that will leave you with goosebumps

Featuring music from the original soundtrack of the awsome game Prodeus


Arena_Screen_1 Arena_Screen_2 Arena_Screen_3